Concern about Apple’s lack of support for QuickTime

Yesterday an antivirus company made news headlines regarding their concern about Apple’s QuickTime player for Windows possibly not being updated by Apple any more.

At this time we could not find any official statement directly from Apple about this. Any Windows user sharing this concern could certainly uninstall QuickTime or all Apple software from any of their Windows PCs.

In the past QuickTime added a certain measure of convenience, but neither QuickTime nor any other Apple software is required on PCs for the operation of current or previous generation Sharx Security cameras.

For our customers with cameras that are more than 3 generations old, we will offer special upgrade pricing


60 thoughts on “Concern about Apple’s lack of support for QuickTime

  1. Can’t find anything from Apple? How hard did you look?
    Here from the Apple download site:
    “Important: QuickTime 7 for Windows is no longer supported by Apple. New versions of Windows since 2009 have included support for the key media formats, such as H.264 and AAC, that QuickTime 7 enabled. All current Windows web browsers support video without the need for browser plug-ins. If you no longer need QuickTime 7 on your PC, follow the instructions for uninstalling QuickTime 7 for Windows.”

    1. Daniel, thanks for the link.

      Our current and previous generation cameras do not need Quicktime on PCs. It was convenient but on PCs the recorded movie files can also be played with Windows Media Player, the VLC Media player from, or the various video players that come with current versions of Windows. Live video is not dependent on Quicktime either.

  2. I’m having problems with viewing camera live feed, apparently due to Apple’s lack of support for Quicktime. I’m running OS X El Capitan 10.11.

    I’ve tried enabling an older version of QT. I just get a screen with a big Q and a blue bar running back and forth.

    1. This article is only related to Quicktime on PCs. On Macs, we now support Mac OS Sierra as well as El Capitan for all current generation cameras as well as the prior generation (since 2014). Just let us know what camera model you have and we’ll send you a firmware update with instructions

          1. thank you, the update works well. I also have models SCNC3904-WIDE and SCNC3905. Please send the appropriate firmware updates for both.

  3. So I am running into an issue as well. I actually bought my camera with a friend to save money. I actually just got around to have an electrician come out this week to install outlet in the attic to power camera. When I got it on our network I am unable to see “Live” feed due to plugin issue with QuickTime. Help!! See below:
    Model: SCNC3905
    System up time: 0 Days 00:48:14
    BIOS/Loader version: 2.1 (build 0002)
    Firmware version: 5.56 (build 20131126)
    ActiveX Control version: 1,2,6,1

  4. Hi I also have
    Model: SCNC3905
    System up time: 2 Days 17:29:36
    BIOS/Loader version: 2.1 (build 0002)
    Firmware version: 5.93 (build 20150601)
    ActiveX Control version: 1,2,6,1
    is there an updated firmware to get the feed working again on OSX Sierra?

  5. Trying to move cameras to new computer with Windows 10. I can watch recorded clips with VLC player. How can I watch real time without using Quicktime? I have SCNC 3805 and SCNC 3905 both with firmware 5.56 (build 20131126). Would new firmware make things easier? On old computer (WIN XP) I could watch on Internet Explorer with ActiveX but in Win10, Edge apparently doesn’t support ActiveX and .. don’t know how to proceed.
    Thanks for any help.

    Jim Kolsrud

  6. Having issues with live view on Mac OS, i.e., plugin not supported. Think a Firmware update would help?
    Model: SCNC3905
    System up time: 5 Days 02:25:32
    BIOS/Loader version: 2.1 (build 0002)
    Firmware version: 5.80 (build 20140922)
    ActiveX Control version: 1,2,6,1

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment, we emailed you the upgrade together with instructions. With the update it will work on MacOS Sierra

  7. I too have the SCNC3905. It’s been working pretty much flawlessly for years now. My current firmware is at v.5.96 (Build 20151111.) Things are running just fine. Should I use the old saying, “If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.”?, or should I upgrade my firmware if I’m behind on versions?

    Thanks, Dale.

    1. We’ll send you the firmware. The update is mainly for browsers other than Internet Explorer. If you use IE, no need to update

  8. I have several SCN3905 cameras and need to upgrade the firmware as they no longer function for me with Mac Sierra. May I receive a firmware upgrade please?

  9. I have three SCN3905 cameras and I would like the upgrade so that I can see the videos on my Macs.

    Thank you,

  10. Just sent an email request for tech support before I found this blog. I’m trying to get my Sharx SCNC 3804 updated to work with Mac OS El Capitan (10.11.6). Can you send me the firmware update? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi, no problem, even though the SCNC3804 is a much older camera than the more common SCNC3904 and SCNC3905, we do have the update for your camera as well and we just sent it to you.

  11. Hello,

    I have two Sharx SCNC3905 and would like the firmware update and instructions please. Thank you very much.

  12. Hello,

    Can I also get the SCNC3905 firmware update for MacSierra?
    I currently have firmware version 5.93


  13. Hello –

    May I get the current firmware revision for IP camera model SCNC3905. The current firmware is 5.81 (build 20141126).

    I am in a Mac environment and just upgrades machines to OS 10.12 Sierra.

    Thanks –

  14. Hi.

    May I get the current firmware revisions for IP camera models SCNC2700 and SCNC2900?

    Current firmware for my SCNC2700 is 5.68 (build 20140416).

    Current firmware for my SCNC 2900 is 5.81 (build 20141126).

    I run Linux Centos 7 and can view the cameras in Chrome browser but there is no sound and no way to “play” saved files that are on the cameras sd card.

    Each file much be downloaded first, and then viewed, which is a hassle. I’ve been living with this and only found your blog article today.

    Hope the revisions might help.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Mike, your SCNC2900 has an update that we just emailed you with instructions. The older SCNC2700 camera is at the latest update for that model.

      After the SCNC2900 update, you should be able to get sound in Chrome with Flash enabled (be sure to go to the Chrome “advanced preferences” and enable “allow sites to run Flash” and turn off “ask first”.

      Or you can play video from the cameras with the free VLC media player that is available from even without the update.

      You would need to enter the correct RTSP stream path, which you can find if you click on the blue underlined link “Primary Stream” in the camera’s stream setup menu.

      Or you can type the following into VLC: rtsp:// where you would enter your camera’s local IP address instead of the

      This works with or without the update, but for compatibility with VLC you may need to set the camera’s encrypted passwords to unencrypted by going to the camera’s tools -> user management menu and setting authentication to “basic”. And when you’re done with VLC you can set it back to “Digest Access” for better security.

  15. Hi I have (3) 3904 and one 3924. using mac and PC.. can you sends updates? Thanks
    also.. do you know of a free IP cam viewer for mac that can see 4 cameras? Pc is no problem… thanks

  16. Hello, do you have any upgrades for the SCNC 3904? I have a MAC and just upgraded my OS to 10.13.1 (beta).

    My camera has Firmware version: 6.02 (build 20160315).

    Also, is this camera eligible for special upgrade pricing if I were so inclined?

    Thanks, Bob

    1. Hi, thanks for your comments and questions. Yes your current camera firmware is the latest and it works with Mac OS El Capitan and Sierra. If you have any problem with that firmware and the regular release of Mac OSX El Capitan or Mac OS Sierra, please contact our tech support through the web site or our customer service email and we would be glad to help to make sure it works with Safari or Chrome. We will also send you an email so that you have the email address handy to respond to.

      Regarding beta tests: We do not officially support any beta test versions of any OS… if something works with regular Windows or Mac OS and doesn’t work in a beta version, your primary tech support resource would be the OS vendor and their beta test support team. They might want to know that they broke something and then they could fix it before the official version is released.

  17. Hi:

    I have a couple of SCNC3905’s that I haven’t used for awhile. I’m having difficulty with my plug-in and suspect it’s because my firmware build is old.

    Could you please send me an update. I’m currently on firmware build 5.81 build 20141126.

    Kind Regards

  18. Hi,

    I have SCNC3905 and I can’t see any video on my newer Macs. I have a Current firmware version is: 5.80 (build 20140922) . Can you e-mail me upgraded version firmware?

    Thank You!

  19. I am using an SCN3905, with firmware 6.02 (build 20160315), and cannot access the image on either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Both report error: Error loading player: No playable sources found.


    1. Thanks for your inquiry. We had responded separately to your email right away.

      In case you missed it: in Chrome click on the 3 dots menu at the top right, then click on Settings at the top left, then “privacy and security”, then scroll down and click on “content settings”, then click on Flash, and enable “allow sites to run Flash” and disable “ask first”

      Also an update for the SCNC3905 was just sent to you.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry, the SCNC3905 update was just sent to you

      Before or after the update, the camera will work with Internet Explorer on a PC without Flash or any additional plugins other than the camera’s own ActiveX

      After the update, it will also work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, as long as you haven’t disabled plugins such as Flash

      In Chrome click on the 3 dots menu at the top right, then click on Settings at the top left, then “privacy and security”, then scroll down and click on “content settings”, then click on Flash, and enable “allow sites to run Flash” and disable “ask first”

      In Safari on a Mac, please be sure to go to the advanced preferences and uncheck the option to disable plugins for saving power.

      If you use Edge on a PC, Microsoft just pushed out a “Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update” where they broke Flash. In that case you’d use Internet Explorer.

      On Windows 10, you start Internet Explorer by right clicking on the Windows “Start” icon at the bottom left, then selecting “Run…” and typing:


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