Concern about Apple’s lack of support for QuickTime

Yesterday an antivirus company made news headlines regarding their concern about Apple’s QuickTime player for Windows possibly not being updated by Apple any more.

At this time we could not find any official statement directly from Apple about this. Any Windows user sharing this concern could certainly uninstall QuickTime or all Apple software from any of their Windows PCs.

In the past QuickTime added a certain measure of convenience, but neither QuickTime nor any other Apple software is required on PCs for the operation of current or previous generation Sharx Security cameras.

For our customers with cameras that are more than 3 generations old, we will offer special upgrade pricing


Nest is permanently disabling the Revolv smart home hub

Sharx Security cameras are not dependent on any server or service. This means that there are no monthly fees or limits. Also, it means that the cameras will continue to function even without the company. In our opinion, all electronic devices should work in this way, but a recent article by highlighted that various cloud based systems can simply be shut down when the manufacturer is acquired or is tired of running the service:

“Nest is coming under fire following an announcement that Revolv, a smart home startup it acquired two years ago, would be permanently shutting off its product starting May 15th. The decision, announced in a quiet note on Revolv’s website in February, has gone largely unnoticed and is expected to impact a very small number of consumers. However, it does raise serious questions about the longevity of smart home gadgets. The devices are often costly pieces of hardware made by small startups that may drop support at any point after being scooped up by a larger technology company.”