Sharx Security HTNC and SCNC cameras now support ONVIF and this allows the cameras to be used with various software even if there is no dedicated driver.

Here is an example with Netcam Studio:

We installed Netcam Studio and went to “Add video source”

Then we selected the “ONVIF Source” tab

And we clicked on the 3 dots next to the “ONIF Source” which brought up all our HTNC series cameras automatically

We selected the HTNC4404M and clicked on “Accept Selected”

It filled in the model number automatically and we entered username and password and then we clicked on Connect

After “connect” it populated a whole bunch of profiles:

We picked “Profile1 – RTSP_UDP” and then filled in the “Source Name” field with the name HTNC

Then “Save” just worked:


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