The Sharx Security SCNC3905 (and SCNC3905-GRAY) cameras have a connection box that allows optional devices to be connected. One such device is the Sharx MD2XT dual tech motion detector.

This device uses microwaves like a police radar gun, together with passive infrared body heat detection, to make sure that the detected motion is caused by a person, large animal, or motor vehicle.

Shadows, insects, snowflakes or raindrops do not trigger the motion detection, either because they don’t have enough of a surface to reflect microwaves or because they have no body heat.

If you need this kind of professional reliability for motion detection, the MD2XT can be ordered from the Sharx Security web site, in the accessories section. It comes with 2 ft of 4 conductor wire, and you can substitute your own 4 conductor low voltage wiring, for example using standard telephone wire or even network wire.



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Donald Raggs · July 12, 2016 at 3:52 am

MD2XT is a very reliable security monitoring tool for home security. It uses body heat and wavelengths to calculate whether there is a movement around or not, hence you can be certain that it won’t fail. The best thing about this motion detector is that you can adjust the amount of sensitivity. You can detect the tiniest of motion around your home if you want.

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