Sharx Security cameras support Windows 10 and Edge

All Sharx Security consumer cameras with model numbers starting with SCNC support Windows 10 including the new Edge browser.

This includes the popular models SCNC3905 and SCNC3904-WIDE outdoor cameras as well as the SCNC2900 / SCNC2900W indoor cameras.

Other browsers besides Edge can also be used on Windows 10. This includes Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and even Internet Explorer.

Please note that plugins including Flash must be enabled on your browser, and for DropBox the popup blocker must be disabled, at least temporarily, so that the browser can ask you for your DropBox username and password in a new window or tab.

How to use Sharx Security cameras with Honeywell Tuxedo TUXWIFIS / Vista21ip burglar alarm system

The Honeywell Vista 21ip alarm panel with with Honeywell Tuxedo Touch keypad is probably the best currently offered burglar alarm system for residences and small businesses.

We received questions about how to integrate Sharx Security cameras into such a system.

We found that some special settings are required.

First, as always, the camera’s IP is reserved in the router as we recommend in the camera’s user guide SCNC3905 Manual .

 In this example, the router had assigned to the camera, and this has been reserved in the router.

 The camera’s standard HTTP and RTSP ports are always the same, and the default is 80 for local cameras.

 However, turns out the TUXEDO won’t accept 80 as an RTSP port. So, in order to convince the TUXEDO that there is a valid RTSP port, the camera’s port was changed to 8150 in the camera’s TCP/IP menu, and of course from now on :8150 needs to be added to the end of all access to the camera.

 The camera’s stream setup is as follows. Note the reduced frame rate, bit rate, and disabled audio in the secondary stream which we’ll use in the TUXEDO:


 Now the TUXEDO has a straightforward configuration with camera type OTHER:


The following stream paths have to be typed in manually:

 And then it works!