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Demo snapshots and videos

All pictures below are directly from our cameras

Ever noticed how tough it is to see true demo samples from our competitors?

It's understandable. These days even phones can take impressive multi-megapixel daytime still pictures. But razor sharp live streaming video is much more difficult. Just take a screenshot of a Facetime, Skype, or other live streaming session and you'll see how blurry the video frames are, even on a $1000 smartphone. And of course phones can't see anything at all in total darkness.

We'll show you the actual results from each camera model. The snapshots below are single frames of live streaming video, meaning that your video would show exactly this level of detail.

HTNC2201, HTNC2201T

InDOOR/Outdoor new generation FULL HD MINI bullet and mini TURRET


Indoor/Outdoor new generation 4MP bullet and turret - 4X motorized zoom


Outdoor new generation 4MP bullet and indoor/outdoor mini dome - 4X zoom with WIDE ANGLE


Outdoor 5MP bullet and indoor/outdoor mini dome - 3X zoom with WIDE ANGLE


Outdoor 4K / 8 MP bullet and indoor/outdoor mini dome - 3X zoom with WIDE ANGLE


outdoor 2MP 60 fps WDR camera - 10x AUTOFOCUS Zoom


Indoor / Outdoor 2MP 60fps WDR PTZ dome - 20x AUTOFOCUS Zoom


Outdoor 2MP 60fps WDR IR PTZ - 30x AUTOFOCUS Zoom - 1300 FT IR Night VISION


Commercial Indoor/outdoor 2MP 60fps WDR IR dome - 3X MOTORIZED Zoom


480 fps HD / 3MP / 4MP / 5MP Network Video Recorder - 16 cam with PoE

HDNC5501 (made in USA)

DAYTIME Ultra Resolution camera - Super sharp 5MP video with just 2-4 MBPS upload

HDNC6301 (made in USA)

DAY/NIGHT High Resolution camera - sharp and SMooth 3MP/20fps video with just 2-4 MBPS upload