$799.95 MSRP*

(* discounts available for resellers, repeat customers and volume purchases)

The Sharx Security HTNC4420PTZ is a full HD indoor/outdoor pan/tilt/zoom PoE IP camera with an amazing 20 X motorized optical zoom and auto focus. It can be mounted directly to a wall or ceiling. A quick-disconnect mounting ring is included. Available optional accessories include a sturdy solid metal outdoor wall bracket HDB and an indoor recessed ceiling mount HCS.

  • 360 degree pan/tilt/zoom with sequences and auto home
  • 20 X zoom ratio with focal length variable from 4.7 to 94 mm
  • Viewing angle variable from standard view to super telephoto
  • Sharx Security HTNC4420PTZ $799.95 - same full HD resolution and double the zoom ratio and still lower priced than  Axis M5525-E  $999.95, or double the resolution with almost the same zoom ratio (20x vs 23x) and still about half the price of the similar PTZ dome  Axis P5624-E $1599.95
  • Sharx Security HTNC4420PTZ and Axis M5525-E both have 360 degree pan, remotely adjustable zoom and focus, automatic IR filters, alarm and audio I/O connectors, vandal resistant housings, optional outdoor wall brackets or indoor ceiling mounts
  • Sharx Security HTNC4420PTZ has 60 fps, double the frame rate performance of  AXIS M5525-E while featuring the same frame rate at double the resolution of the  Axis P5624-E camera even with the WDR (wide dynamic range) feature enabled.
  • Up to 60 fps at full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Motorized zoom and auto focus with ONVIF support
  • True Wide Dynamic Range for detail in shadows
  • Video Content Analysis for smart motion detection
  • Triple stream with 2x H264 + 1x MJPEG / JPEG

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Popular Item

Many businesses and high end residential customers order at least one full pan/tilt/zoom model for every 4 - 6 fixed cameras. The 360 degree view, the 20X zoom ratio, and the auto-homing / sequencing are popular. features