Sharx Security cameras at below zero degrees Farenheit

Yessterday was an exceptionally cold day here in New Hampshire, with temperatures below zero degrees F at night.

Sharx Security outdoor cameras have captured some interesting scenery, including a frozen river and salt marsh in Rye, NH

Click on the picture below for a screen capture of live video taken on 2/14/16 from the Sharx Security SCNC3904-WIDE mini outdoor camera:


Or click on the link below for live video:

Live SCNC3904-WIDE demo camera

2 thoughts on “Sharx Security cameras at below zero degrees Farenheit

  1. I hooked up a SCNC3905 on Dec 28th, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It promptly went down to -35C a few days later. The camera never stopped working.
    I did use the Wi-Fi connection and the DC power supply, rather than a PoE connection.
    In these kinds of temperatures however, I think PoE might be better – the power cord may be fragile and susceptible to breakage at these colder temperatures.

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